Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev launches Corona’s first Ayurvedic medicine Coronil, learn about it

The coronavirus epidemic has caused worldwide devastation. But so far no medicine has been made to break it. Now the Patanjali Company of Yoga guru Baba Ramdev claims that they have prepared a medicine to beat this epidemic. At the press conference on Tuesday, Ramdev said that the world was waiting for some medicines of Coronavirus to come out, today we are proud that we have prepared the first Ayurvedic medicine of Coronavirus. The name of this Ayurvedic medicine is Coronil.

Ramdev said that today the allopathic system is leading to medicine, we have made coronil. In which we conducted clinical control study, it was tested on a hundred people. Within three days, 65 percent of the patients turned from positive to negative. Yoga guru Ramdev said that 100 percent of people got cured in seven days, we have prepared it with complete research. Our medicine has a hundred percent recovery rate and a zero percent death rate. Ramdev said that even if people question us on this claim right now, we have answers to every question. We have followed all the scientific rules.

At the press conference, Yoga guru Ramdev said that only indigenous ingredients have been used to make this medicine, in which many things including mulathi-deco have been inserted. Also, Giloy, Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Sanshari were also used. Ramdev said that this medicine made from Ayurveda will be found in Patanjali’s store in the next seven days, besides an app will be launched on Monday with the help of which this medicine will be delivered at home.