Yes, this is the song of Parimalam; Come to me; Bigg Boss Season 3 Malayalam Elimination!


One more wild card entry is out. One month after Bigg Boss, there have been three eliminations so far. Actress Remya Panicker was eliminated in the fourth elimination. Majisia also reached the final round of elimination.

When Mohanlal says that the song for the characters they got in the Kaliyattam round will be played and that person will go out, the two waits for the song and the song ‘Kathukathoru Mazhayath … Nananju Kulirana Manathu’ was played.

But Remya is confused as to whose song it is. This is the song of fragrance; It was only when the Mohanlal told her to come to me that the others realized that Remya was out.

When Mohanlal comes out and asks if he has anything to say to the contestants, he says he wants to talk and talks to Anoop.

Don’t make fun of anyone, my voice is like this. Remya says that she has undergone surgery and apologizes to Anoop Remya. Remya left after saying that she was lucky to get on this platform.

She came to the cinema through the film Ore Mukham. Since then she has been a part of eight films.
Later, Remya acted in films like Hadia, Chunks, Ira, Sunday Holiday, Masterpiece, Mafidona and Porinchu Mariam Jose. His films in Tamil include Oru Vaathilkottai and Ajith from Arpukottai. After graduating from the University of Kerala, Remya is very active in the field of dance.