Yash revealed his son’s name, Here’s Yash Shares Video….

Rocking Star Yash and Radhika are spending time with the kids at the lockdown. Plus fans are sharing cute photos and videos of their children. The rocking couple previously shared videos of their daughter Ira. She also posted pictures of her son’s photoshoot. If Yash and Radhika post photos and videos of their children, they will go viral. The video of Ira dining for Dad was also viral in the past.

Now Yash is doing a music hockey dance for his son. Junior Yash has also been involved in music. Dance is the only way to stay happy even if it doesn’t stand up properly. Yash appeals to her father to ignore the video’s background.

Do you know what Junior Yash’s pet name is?

For many days everyone has been asking what is named for Junior Yash. Fans in particular are anxious to know this. The son of a rocking couple is currently unnamed. But homemade adhesive is called a brush.

In the video shared by Yash, the son is called a blond. It was long ago said that the nomination would be made after the lockdown was completed. But the nomenclature has gone ahead as the lockdown is still ongoing.

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