Yash opens about the recent evolution of South cinema


Yash, who is well known for always supporting films from the South, recently discussed how South cinema is evolving. The KGF actress recalls the periods when these movies were made fun of. The KGF star has made significant contributions to how South cinema is seen now. Readers are likely aware that South movies always have television premieres and that their dub versions frequently have extremely high TRPs. They were, however, frequently made fun of, particularly in the Northern region of the nation. Yash recently discussed how SS Rajamouli’s Bahubali-altered South films are viewed throughout the nation, particularly in North India, at the pan-India level.

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At the event, Yash said, “10 years ago, dubbed films became very popular here (North India). But, initially, they all started watching with different opinions. People used to make fun of South films. They were like ‘yeh kya action hai, udd raha hai sab’ (what is this action? everything is flying!)” He further continued about how this affected the selling price of the film, adding, “That’s how it started and eventually they got hooked on to that and they started understanding that art form. The problem with that was our films were sold for a bare minimum price, people used to do bad quality dubbing and it used to be presented in a bad way with funny names.”

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Yash further added, “People started becoming familiar with our dubbed films. It was long pending. Credit goes to SS Rajamouli sir. If you have to break a rock, continuous effort is needed. Bahubali gave that push. On the other hand, KGF was done with a different intention. What KGF was that it was not done to intimidate, but to inspire. People have now started noticing South films.”

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South films are experiencing a huge upsurge at the box office. In the meantime, Bollywood movies are still attempting to break into the post-pandemic market in terms of box office revenue.