Women should be involved in all activities in cinema. That’s the real women leading movie!

Anushka Sharma says about the importance of women in cinema

Anushka Shetty is one of the most sought after actresses in South Indian cinema. The actress has made a name for herself in the industry by making films that feature women. Anushka has turned many failed movies into super hits with her acting. The actress became known as Bhagya Nayaka as all her films became super hits. Now, the actress is emphasizing the importance of women in cinema. The actor made his stance clear in a recent interview with a leading media outlet.

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Not only in South Indian movies but in any language in the world, there are more movies with heroic significance. This is not only the case with cinema but also with the world around us. The most important thing in society is given to men. But now these views are slowly changing. Women are increasingly coming to the forefront. That change is also reflected in the film.

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Today’s cinema is moving with the times. As the world changes, so do the stories and situations of the film. Strong female characters are now appearing in movies. There are women not only as heroines in movies now. There are women from directors to technicians. It is not enough that the female character is given prominence, women should be involved in all the line-up activities of the film. That is the femininity of the cinema. Besides, films that feature only men in front of a heroine are not feminist films. The film should change with women. That change has begun today.

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