Women are more at risk of thyroid cancer than men, know its causes, symptoms and treatment!

Thyroid cancer is not very dangerous, but if it is not treated in time, the patient may be at risk. Thyroid cancer begins with the thyroid gland present in the body that produces thyroid hormones. Hormones are normally required to control the body’s metabolism. Women are three times more likely to have thyroid cancer than men.

Thyroid cancer 
Thyroid cancer

Causes of thyroid cancer 

Thyroid cancer occurs when cells in your thyroid undergo genetic changes (mutations). Allow cells to grow and multiply rapidly. Cells also lose the ability to die, as normal cells do. The accumulated abnormal thyroid cells form a tumor. Abnormal cells can invade nearby tissue and spread to other parts of the body.


Thyroid symptoms are not seen. The primary symptom visible is a lump or swelling in the throat during a routine routine examination. Symptoms of the thyroid include lump and swelling in the throat, problems with swallowing and breathing difficulties, persistent cough, some people have ear pain. But its common symptoms are neck pain, throat or neck pain, swelling of the neck veins, constant phlegm, and voice changes. There is 80 percent of people who have symptoms of thyroid, but they are unaware of the disease.

Thyroid cancer symptoms
Thyroid cancer symptoms

Treatment of thyroid cancer  

Treatment of thyroid cancer usually requires surgery to remove the tumor. 

Total thyroidectomy: This is the most common surgery for thyroid cancer that aims to completely remove the thyroid gland and ensure that cancer does not recur

Lobectomy: The thyroid consists of two lobes that join in the middle with a fibrous tissue bridge called the isthmus. If the tumor is limited to only a small area, the surgeon may remove the affected lobe. 

Lymph Node Resection: Thyroid cancer can spread to local lymph nodes, and these nodes are often removed. Affected lymph nodes can only be identified at the time of surgery.  

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