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Woman executed for the first time in India since independence

Lucknow: For the first time since independence in India, a woman has been sentenced to death. Shabnam, a native of Uttar Pradesh, is set to be executed in connection with the murder of seven members of her family, including her parents.

The country was rocked by atrocities in April 2008. The incident took place in Bhavankhedi village in Amroha district of Uttar Pradesh. The murder took place after the family members were given drugs mixed in milk. Shabnam, along with her lover Salim, hacked seven members of the family to death with an ax. His parents, two brothers, his brother’s wife, sister and son-in-law were killed. The family members opposed the relationship with Salim, which led to the massacre of the family members.

First Woman to be hanged in Independent India !

Shabnam was seven months pregnant when she was arrested. She gave birth to a baby boy in December 2008. Shabnam, who has a post-graduate degree in English and Geography, was a teacher at a village primary school. Salim is a fourth grader. Salim was working in a sawmill near Ya Shabnam’s house.
Shabnam and Saleem, who were arrested in the case, appealed against the death sentence passed by the district court in July 2010 but were rejected. Later, a mercy petition was submitted to the President but it was also rejected. With this, the proceedings to execute the sentence of the accused began. Shabnam is lodged in Bareilly Jail and Salim Agra Jail. It is reported that Shabnam will be executed in Mathura. Shabnam will also be hanged by Pawan Jallad, who hanged the accused in the Nirbhaya case. Pawan visited the Mathura jail twice and inspected the procedures and repaired some parts of the gallows. The hanging rope from Buxar in Bihar has also been brought to Mathura Jail.

Mathura, built during the British rule in 1870, is the only prison where women are executed. Prison officials say Shabna is the first woman to be executed in India since 1947.

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