Will the Chameleons give birth or lay eggs, Viral video

Chameleons viral video
Chameleons viral video

We know that the Chameleons will change color. But does the ant give birth or lay eggs? Many do not know the answer to this. Now, the video of Ont having a baby has come out. He recently posted a video of himself having a baby on his Twitter page called Nature is Scary.

The 29-second video shows a full-grown ostrich emitting something that looks like an egg. The egg-like part of the plant is attached to the leaf sheath and lands on the leaf of the same plant. When you think for a moment that it is an egg, you can see the hands and feet coming out of it and the baby Chameleons standing on all fours.

Everyone who has seen the video is skeptical that what they have just seen is the birth of a Chameleons or that the baby came out as soon as the Chameleons laid its eggs. In fact, ants are different according to their species. Some species give birth to eggs when they lay eggs. The the chameleons in the video posted by Nature Is Scary is giving birth.