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Will Dhoni announce his retirement after BCCI

Since Mahendra Singh Dhoni was run out against New Zealand in the semi-finals of the ICC Cricket World Cup, hosted by the England and Wales Cricket Board last year, he has not appeared in international cricket with the bat since then. Since the World Cup, the Indian cricket team has been playing series after series, but Dhoni is not with the team.

Since the World Cup, till now the series in which the Indian team is getting ready to play and the team is selected, then everyone’s eyes remain on Dhoni’s return but MS Dhoni’s name does not appear in the team.

A number of questions are cropping up in the minds of many people, who do not find the name of this former captain of India in consecutive series. In which some think that Dhoni will return before the T20 World Cup, while there is doubt in the mind of some that Dhoni’s career is over?

Dhoni’s leave from central contract again raised the issue of retirement

Whatever is the matter, no clear information has been received yet, but the speculation about Mahendra Singh Dhoni‘s retirement is increasing and there are some indications that Dhoni’s career is over now.

There is a big hint about the news of Dhoni’s retirement once again, in which MS Dhoni’s name has not been included in the central contract of the senior team by BCCI today. So far, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, one of the key players in the central contract with A grade, has been dropped from the contract by the BCCI.

Central Contract has given the news of retirement

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, one of the most successful captains in Indian cricket history, has been constantly away from the team in series after one and along with the absence of Dhoni’s name in any category of the central contract, the news of retirement is now high Has gone.

By the way, only the BCCI and Dhoni know what is the reality, why Dhoni is constantly away from every series and why Dhoni was removed from the central contract, but only time will tell whether he has decided to end Dhoni’s career. Or will still be seen playing.

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