‘Why take those who are not feeling well to Bigg Boss!’ Dimple’s question


During the morning task, Dimple talked about the changes that need to be made to the characters of the contestants. Anoop explained the task. Dimple spoke about Sai Vishnu after talking about Feroz, Kitilan Feroz and Ritu Mantra. Dimple said you have a hot temper and should try to be a good listener as well. Sai asked in return what changes should be made and how. Dimple said that after this task we can talk personally.

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Dimple and Sai were talking outside the bathroom in the presence of Bhagyalakshmi. As she was at work, Bhagyalakshmi told them to go out and talk. Sai listened patiently to what Dimple was saying and told Dimple not to interrupt while he was speaking. Dimple said he did not want to continue the conversation as Sai’s style had changed. It was after this that the two started arguing.

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Didn’t hear anything, intervened more than four times. Sai told me not to think that what he was saying was true. He does not want to talk. Sai was furious when Dimple told him to go. Dimple was always angry and went inside saying that it was Sai who was making the task pool. Dimple asked why people with headaches were invited to Bigg Boss