Why stay away from Bollywood; Shobhana speaking

Shobhana did not try to enter Bollywood even though she was full of good roles in South Indian cinema. The actress is giving an accurate answer as to why she left Bollywood despite the many opportunities.

Shobhana says that she has never felt the need to go to Bollywood when the best roles that suit her are constantly coming up in Malayalam and that her mind did not want to leave the good

Shobhana_VaraneMalayalam movies and go to another big field of cinema as she did not have big dreams related to cinema. There was no attempt at popularity. At that time I only had to do good characters. I was very busy in Malayalam.

I wanted to do characters like Madhuri Dixit did but my mind was busy. That is the only reason why Bollywood did not want to, ”says Shobhana.