Why female celebs are doing the bikini outings ?

From Bollywood, we have Jhanvi Kapoor shaking the web with her swimsuit treats from a retreat in the well-known Maldives islands. Her charms, hot looks, and insane pictures have dazed everybody that Telugu makers began asking with her dad about roping her in for a Telugu project. What’s more, presently, dim alarm Pooja Hegde is doing likewise. Janhvi Kapoor in Swim Suit
While Tollywood is getting held with chilling winter and surprising downpours, Pooja is ensuring that her two-piece pictures from the Maldives raise the mercury levels here. Many felt that perhaps the entertainer got welcomed by the retreat, which by and large does, and for advancing their place, she’s slipping into those swimsuits and having something similar on her web-based media pages. In any case, it resembles that is not the explanation this time. Pooja Hegde in Swin Suit 2
Generally, Maldives outings of entertainers are supported by the retreats and other PR organizations, however, it is coming out that Pooja Hegde is doing this at her own cost. However she has a lot of huge movies in Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil too, the entertainer needs to ensure that she hoards the spotlight in Bollywood also, and henceforth this hot treat. Since the time she began the swimsuit treat, as of now, Bollywood segments are expounded enthusiastic about her, and she needs that to be heard uproarious and clear by every one of the creators there.
Indeed, with her two-piece trip in DJ Duvvada Jagannadam doing ponders for her in Tollywood, seems as though Pooja Hegde is following a similar guideline over and over.