Home News Which Stocks Should I Buy for Long Term Investment in India?

Which Stocks Should I Buy for Long Term Investment in India?

Which Stocks Should I Buy for Long Term Investment in India
Which Stocks Should I Buy for Long Term Investment in India

Investing in stocks promises to bring in high returns, but it has never been easy. It always needs significant research and mostly an excellent understanding of the stock market. Further, you need to have the patience to wait for better returns when the market is down. In the last few years, the stock market has been volatile, which is bringing in a lot of dilemmas among the existing stockholders and the new investors. All are having a difficult time in decision making.

Investments in stocks can be of long term as well as short term. Both have their own pros and cons, but long term investments tend to offer better returns with lower risk if invested in a rightful manner.

So, if you are planning to start investing in the share market and still wondering about how to invest in the stock market correctly, here are our top picks.
Stocks that you should buy for long term investment
While investing in long-term stocks of any company, you should always consider its potential revenue growth in the upcoming years. You should also be very patient. As you are dealing with long term stocks, the current market fluctuation must not bother you. Keeping in mind these factors here is a list of the best stocks to invest in India for long term investments.

Asian Paints
Asian paint is a large-cap company formulated in 1945. It is India’s largest and Asia’s fourth-largest paint manufacturing company. The company’s principal products that earn revenues for it are paints, varnishes, enamels, and blacks. It is further engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of products such as paints, enamels, coatings, bath, and fitting.

Why should you invest in Asian paints stocks?

During the past 5 financial years, it has shown a growth of around 10% and holds an excellent brand value. It is providing the best stocks for long term investments.
Its business is twice the size of its competitors. It does business with 19 foreign countries and has 26 manufacturing plants throughout the world.
They always make attractive marketing campaigns. Some of the most renowned Indian celebrities are the face of their brand, which makes their paints more desirable among the population.

Britannia Industries Limited
Britannia Industries is a large-cap company founded in 1945 with a current market cap of Rs 1,13,612.18 Crore. The company operates in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector, engaged in the production of bakery goods i.e biscuits and cakes. The company’s products are loved by all and are also pocket-friendly at the same time. With the current product quality and craze, it can be easily guaranteed that the company revenues are going to increase further in the future and currently it is one of the best stocks to invest in India.

Why should you invest in Britannia Industries Limited stocks?
The company has evolved as a popular brand.
It has reached out to all the strata of the country.
Britannia has evolved as the most trusted brand because of its product quality. This brings in more consumers and further increases the revenue income of the country.

Berger Paints
Berger Paints was incorporated in the year 1923, which is currently having a market cap of Rs 31,345 Crores. It is a large-cap company operating in paints and pigments sector. The company manufactures different types of paints for houses, industries and other decorative purposes. They are associated with the manufacturing, selling and distributing business of paints, coatings, decorative products, bath and fitting items.

Why should you invest in the Berger paints stocks?

Berger Paints is the second-largest manufacturer of paints in India.
Recently the company has also extended its business in chemical production.
The company maintains a network throughout the country. They also have other countries like Nepal, Russia, Bangladesh, Poland, etc as their international clients.

Pidilite industries
The industry was incorporated in the year 1969. It is a large-cap industry with a market cap of Rs 58,482 Crores. It manufactures adhesive products and operates in segments like art materials, construction chemicals, and other industrial chemicals. The brand has some famous products like Fevicol, Dr.Fixit, Fevikwik, M-seal etc. While some of its products are considered as essentials of the construction industry, the brand also has a strong presence in the school stationery segment. Both sectors are ever-growing.

Why should you invest in Pidilite industries stocks?

Fevicol is the most important item of the brand which has even made it famous and has also brought a huge amount of consumers.
The company has further ventured into the manufacturing of other items like sealants, waterproofing, construction chemicals, industrial resins and even chemicals for art and craft.
The company has ventured into manufacturing items which play an essential part in our day to day lives thus bringing in more consumers leading to an increase in the revenue of the company.

Stock market investment return values keep on fluctuating from time to time. They are directly dependent on the market. Investing in stocks for a long period of time is more beneficial because this apparently brings down the risk of losing your money caused by the current fluctuation in the market.

Coming to how to invest in stocks? So, before investing, you should always think about the broader picture. You should always do research about the net company value, the products which the company manufactures or the services they provide. Whether those services and products will still continue to be relevant in the long run and the company will continue to enjoy the same status in the near future. You should also calculate the amount of return you want and whether you will be able to get that in the long run. Currently, with the fluctuating market, the prices of many companies like the PNB share price and Ashok Leyland share price share price are going down, but they also have chances of getting revived in the near future.

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