Which answer brought Priyanka to the Miss India pageant? Priyanka Chopra with revelation

Priyanka Chopra's answer about Miss India pageant question

Priyanka Chopra is a Bollywood actress who has acted in many movies. Priyanka Chopra has crowned Miss India at the age of 18. The Miss India title is a milestone in the life of Priyanka, an internationally known personality. Priyanka has been in the Indian entertainment industry for over two decades.

Priyanka Chopra to celebrate 20 years in the industry

Priyanka’s answer to an interesting question posed to her by a judge 20 years ago in the final round of the Miss India pageant is now gaining attention on social media. Before Priyanka has crowned Miss India, host Rahul Sharma asked Priyanka that interesting question in the final round of the pageant. “If you were a police officer in the Garden of Eden, who would you punish, Adam or Eve or the serpent?”

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“If I had been a police officer in the Garden of Eden, I would have punished Satan, the serpent. She believes that evil is not created, but stimulated. Eve thought Satan was right, and she believed him. It gives us the morality to understand good and bad without prejudice. ” Priyanka replied. This video was shared on Miss India’s Instagram profile.

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