Where is Neeraj? The reason is Neeraj

Mammootty starrer Brahmandaa is making waves in the theaters. However, at the time of its announcement of the film was the first actor taranirayil fans could not see the person that was shared with Neeraj madhav.

mamankamtiyerrarukalilettiyappeal .mamankam set its own story and experiences mam’muttikkeappamulla Neeraj Madhav pankuvaccirunnu.niraj before the movie’s fans are now asking: ‘Where abhinayiccitt Cateateyan’s explanation had regained .phesbukk peasrriluteyan visadikaranam.sinimayute suttinniniteyulla pictures of Neeraj pankuveccu.kuripp Post to social media and the full form of reduced vairalakunnu.pheysbukk.

A lot of people asked me where I was. The answer is yes. As you all know, I did a cameo in this movie. There was a week long shoot last April. Guest apprenticeships were important, though .The role-playing and other organization techniques for this role took about a month, and more time was spent on it. There were changes in the script, structure, stunt team and cast at the last minute. I was told that my fight sequence would not fit into the parts of the film that followed. It was a little hurtful. But I have no complaint with anyone. I’d like to believe it was a good decision. Sometimes that decision may be correct in order to improve the image. I was informed that the scene would be uploaded to YouTube soon. Hope to see it soon. All the best to the Mamankam team .I will have to wait till now to act with Mammooka.