Where did the corona virus destroy the world? WHO team arrives in Wuhan in search of answers

who searching root of coronavirus

Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) have started a series of meetings with officials in Wuhan, China to find out where the corona virus originated. WHO said on Twitter that after the meeting, the team will visit the industrial and some areas. Further schedule of the team is not provided.

The WHO team has requested to provide detailed basic data to the Chinese authorities. This team of experts will also interact with some people who got infected with Covid-19 in the initial days.

The WHO tweeted, “All aspects will be considered as the team adopts the scientific foundation for their work to locate the starting point of the corona virus.” We will start the tour so hopefully they will be provided with all the help and necessary data. ”

who searching root of coronavirus

After reaching China, the members of the WHO team had to spend two weeks in isolation. During this time he had communicated with the Chinese authorities through video conference. The WHO said on Thursday that its team would also visit various markets, including the hospital, Hunan’s ‘Se-Food Market’ from where the first case of infection came. In addition, the team will also visit the laboratories of the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the Wuhan Disease Control Center.

China reported 36 cases of Covid-19 infection on Friday. In view of the holidays in the coming days, the administration is taking special caution.