“When the cinema caught me in the head, my girlfriend left me.

Naa soon Amit vairalakunnu cakkalaykkallinre samuhamadhyamannalil speech. Amit was the chief guest at a function at Mannoothi ​​Don Bosco College. Amit’s speech at an event about two months ago has now taken over social media. Amit made his film debut in ABCD with Dulquer Salman in the lead role. Later he became famous for his films like Honey Bee, Job Book, Kayamkulam Kochunni and Ghost. Amit made his debut in Varaikkuzhi, and the murder was released in 2019. The murder in Varikkuzhi was the result of a long wait and hard work for nine years.

Excerpt from Amit’s speech

She studied in five schools upto the 12th standard. It is not because of intelligence, but because defeat is coming. When you lose a school, you are directed to the next school. That’s how you got to five schools. I have never been so fortunate to study in a college in Kerala. Physics, Chemistry and Maths in Plus Two was done to go into engineering. However, not even 50% of the marks are admissions to colleges in Kerala. Entrance could not be written. Since I could not study in Kerala, I went to Bangalore and did engineering. It was completed in eight years. In all this you can understand my situation at the PTI meeting and the principal’s room. I remember the word ‘mother’ when I lit the wick at this function. My parents and I have been crying out of about five schools because of nothing else. From there, I was the chief guest at one of the best institutions in Kerala. There are many people who say that we can’t achieve anything and get hit.

From there, standing upright with a winning face is the biggest victory. Other than that. But it is not easy. Who would support a guy who left the school five times and left the state to act in a movie soon? Naturally, no one is supported from home. Because when I study, when I go home with a Progress Card, there is only red ink on it. It is not easy to get into a movie unless one of our friends or relatives is in the movie. But I have always had a lot of decent work to come and live in this field. Even to starve, you need 20000 rupees. He even went to work for auditions.

My first movie was ABCD. I pretended to be a policeman in the scene where Dulquer dreams. She started out as a junior artist. He got his first character role in Honey B. He has acted in fourteen films. No reward for this. Hold on to situations where there is no reward. It seems to be thrown off many times. He is a loser in life. I don’t have the beauty for a movie star. Many of you may be wondering if he is really an actor. If we have dreams on the inside, we will get there. Believe in yourself. There is something that I have in mind. If someone comes to your ears and interrupts their dream, you have to cut them first. It could be your boyfriend, girlfriend, or close friends. Avoid negative things. My girlfriend has abandoned me because of movie madness. But the week after the release of Murder at Warrikuzhi, the boy called and congratulated himself.

We must keep working to make the dream come true. Then those who disbelieved will correct us. The second thing I took away from my life was intoxication. I abstained from alcohol, cannabis and smoking habits. I compete with a lot of stars or people who are more talented than me. With alcohol I can’t slow myself down in the race for that dream. Love the loser. Never give up on the dream. Your defeat is not where one says it is. There are some people who say that you don’t have the look of a hero. He said he was trying to act as a hero and would not even get a small role. Rajesh Mithila cast me in the lead role in Warrikkuzhi Murder film. Fourteen producers went to film it. The only thing they all said was, ‘The story is good. But if he is made captain, it will not be a week. ” But the movie needed someone new. Finally, the producer from Kozhikode got the movie. So the movie was released. I don’t have any big fans. There is no promotion. Yet the film has been weeks away. The second part of the Variykuzhi murder case has been announced, Amit said.