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When I become a Bjp Candidate, Ahana lost some film opportunities, Krishnakumar

Actor Krishnakumar has criticized that his child Ahana lost some film opportunities after he became a BJP candidate. She had become a victim of cyber attacks when his politics is revealed. Krishnakumar was the NDA candidate in the Thiruvananthapuram constituency in the Assembly elections. According to 24 reports, Krishnakumar is finalizing the schedules of the serials which were cancelled during the election rush. Unexpectedly, he contested the election this time. As his politics became clearer, the opportunities for his children in the film industry diminished. As the dates changed, so did the movies. He and his family were subjected to cyber-attacks. But Krishnakumar said those who were attacked would rise and the result would be in his favour.

This year, two days before the polling has done is absolutely a very strong turnout in the state crucial competition. Krishnakumar had said that there was an anti-government sentiment among the people and there was a possibility of an interesting outcome. Krishnakumar had earlier alleged that his daughter lost her film opportunities when she became a BJP candidate. But it was big news that daughter and actress Ahana Krishna came out against this. However, Ahana later came out in support of Krishnakumar’s candidature. Krishnakumar’s statement that he does not carry beef at home and a video of Ahana revealing her interest in beef dishes were widely circulated on social media.

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