When I asked that question, he seemed to understand and told me not to stop for unnecessary work. About Mammootty, Grace Antony

In an interview with Milestone Channel, the audience favorite actress Grace Antony revealed about an experience she had while acting with Mammootty in the film ‘Roshak’, where she used to ask Mammooka many doubts on the sets. One day while taking a shot at his close range I had no idea what the lens was. I’m curious, I’m really staring at that one shot,” says the actress.
We usually understand when they say they take that lens sometimes, but they don’t tell me which lens for that shot of Mammooka, I’m standing there in total confusion, I asked him which lens it was, he said it’s a 100, he understands that, it’s a great shot. ,I said how much is the most, I have heard this 120 what is it.

When I asked about that doubt, he told me that it has many ranges, why do you have such a doubt, do you intend to direct any film, he asked as if he understood the point and then he said no, don’t stand for that work, it is an unnecessary work, he really has a good view about all aspects of the film, says Grace Anthony.