Whatsapp has made it possible for more than four people to make video calls


LONDON (25.04.2020), the group announced the call at the same time to be able to participate in the WhatsApp feature eight people. The service is offered on voice and video calls. Earlier, it was rumored that the company’s new beta version, which was released by the company, is now officially available for Android iPhone users. You must use the latest WhatsApp update for this.

The main drawback of WhatsApp group calls was that more than four people could not attend the group call at the same time. That is the solution. WhatsApp’s new upgrade is beneficial for many companies around the world, as they coordinate home-based work through group calls. Everyone can use it quickly as the most common messaging app.

WhatsApp’s drawback of not being able to call more than four people together is that the number of video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, Google Meat, Skype and many others, has increased. Zoom recently announced that it has 300 million users globally.