WhatsApp admins can delete anyone’s message in the group


The instant messaging service WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, is constantly adding new features to improve the user experience while maintaining its security. A new option for administrators of WhatsApp groups is now available on the app. The instant messaging service will soon have a new feature that will let group administrators remove any message for everyone, according to WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo.

The function is reportedly designed to improve how group administrators moderate. When an admin deletes a message, the feature will appear for all group members and appears to be spreading out to users worldwide. Although WhatsApp has not yet made the feature formal announcement, the WABetaInfo report indicates that it may already be going out.

Go to any group you are a member of and long-press on any message to see if you have received the feature or not. You get access to the feature if there is a deletion option for the message. If not, the feature will shortly be released. It appears like WhatsApp is initially testing out the feature on a small number of users.

Screenshots of the functionality were also included in the WABetaInfo report. New “Delete message” option “A pop-up message that reads, “As an admin, you are deleting (group’s) message for everyone in this chat. They will see that you deleted the message.” When you delete the message, it will seem similar to how deleted messages now appear on WhatsApp.

Messages can now be deleted from WhatsApp for up to two days and twelve hours. Prior to now, WhatsApp users could only erase messages that were at least an hour old. You can now remove messages sent more than two days ago, according to the company.