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‘What will your studies do next?’ Priyanka Chopra about her mother

Priyanka Chopra's mother asking this question after she get Miss Universe!

Priyanka Chopra is one of the boldest actresses in Bollywood. Priyanka won the Miss World title at the age of eighteen. A video of the actress winning the Miss World title has now been shared on social media. Priyanka shares the video on social media saying that her mother called her ‘stupid’ after she won the Miss World title.

Priyanka Chopra Miss India Universe
Priyanka Chopra Miss India Universe

The video begins with Priyanka Chopra’s announcement of the 2000 Miss World title. Later, the actress asks her mother Madhu Chopra if she remembers the moment when she found out that she had won the Miss World title. Madhu Chopra replies that all the Indians in the audience stood up and applauded when her daughter was declared the world’s most beautiful. The mother said that her eyes were watering at that moment and she did not even understand what was happening. Instead of praising Priyanka with joy, Madhu Chopra remembers the stupidity she said. The video also shows Priyanka asking what it was. Madhu Chopra said it was stupid of him to ask, ‘What will your studies do next?’


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