What I expect and what happens, Pearle enjoys every moment of her parenting life


Pearle Maaney and her husband Sreenish Aravind are happy that their daughter Nila has come to life. Pearle, who enjoyed her pregnancy as a beautiful time, is enjoying every moment of her parenting life. Pearle Maaney shares her daughter’s stories and pictures on social media with her fans. Now, Pearle has posted a few new pictures with Nila on social media. The images are shared with the caption Expected and Reality. The picture shows her crying while posing for a photo.Pearle's-Nila

Pearle also shared the details of the room prepared for his daughter through his YouTube channel. Nila was born on March 20th. The daughter’s birth story was also shared with Pearle fans. Pearle also shared a post the other day about her postpartum abdomen. Pearle said he is proud of this wire now and does not intend to cut it anytime soon.”It’s been 48 days since the birth. I am a rockstar mom. Many asked me how I got my belly a little old shape so quickly after giving birth. I am wearing a wire band. This is my current wire. I am proud of this. It is in this abdomen that the level rests while drinking breast milk. This wire is now her favorite pillow.