What happened to Asha Sharath after Drishyam 2?


Today, Mohanlal’s latest hit movie Drishyam 2 is the talk of Malayalam. Like the first part, the second part is a super hit. The whole social media is now full of news and posts praising its actors and activists. Asha Sarath is the best performing actress including the first part of the scene in front of it. Asha played the role of IG Geeta Prabhakar, the mother of the slain Varun. Geeta Prabhakar in the scene became one of the best roles in Asha’s film career.

In the second part of the film, Asha plays the role of Geeta Prabhakar who plays the role of a police officer. The scene where they hit Mohanlal’s George Kutty in the face is the best performance of Asha in the second part. Mohanlal’s and Asha Sarath’s timing and perfection scene will shock anyone, especially Mohanlal fans. Asha Sarath had also replied that she would beat Mohanlal. Yesterday, a housewife’s response was posted on Facebook by Asha. Hmmm, maybe this is her name. The dancer. I thought I’d give her one. That’s the dancer’s name. Will George Kutty get a beating from the fans if he comes out? Asha shared the video with the caption

The star has now shared another video on Facebook today. The title of the video is that Geeta Prabhakar has been found hiding in fear of Lalettan fans. One of the fans has videotaped Asha Sarath coming to buy an idli pot at a steel shop in Tamil Nadu. ‘IG Geetha Prabhakar has been spotted in Tamil Nadu by Lalettan Fans. Let me show you … Looks like Idley came here to buy the pot. Are you hiding from Kerala? ‘ Asha Sarath laughs and reacts …..

The audience hates the character of Geeta Prabhakar ….. Asha says that it is the biggest success of her film career ….. Doesn’t the fact that they hate the character so much prove that I was able to convey it to them so deeply .. Now the director has announced that the third part of the scene is coming. … Fans are now saying that the leaders who saw it are now sitting to see the beautiful …