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We love you so much Dimpu, come back, Rimi Tomy to Dimpal Bhal

rimitomy abot dimpal bhal

Dimpal Bhal is the contestant who won the hearts of the Malayalees through Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3. Audiences are saddened that Dimple left the show unexpectedly following the death of his father. Audiences also called on the channel to bring back Dimple, a contestant with a 100 percent chance of making it to the final five. A campaign called #bringbackdimpal is also active on social media.

Singer, presenter, and actress Rimi Tommy’s Instagram post are now getting attention. “Miss You Dear, I have not seen or spoken to you yet. But if you’ve seen something like this episode today, it’s sad to be back home if you can, because I’m gone through the same situation, so to say I love you, God bless, ”Rimi said. Dimple has been thanked on social media for Rimi’s kind words.

Dimple, meanwhile, has made it clear that there will be no further return to the show. Dimple said it was important to stand with his mother and sisters now and thank everyone who prayed with them in their pain. “It is my and your responsibility to meet the Kovid standards at this time when the country is fighting the Kovid epidemic. That’s why I can’t go back to the Bigg Boss show.”

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