We broke up after all the legal stuff, and cried a lot; Actress Priyaraman openly said

Priya Raman is an actress who once shone as the heroine of superstars in South Indian cinema. Priya, who left acting after her marriage to actor Ranjith, became active on the mini screen after her divorce. An open interview about divorce is gaining attention right now. The friendship with actor Ranjith turned into a love affair and the couple got married in 2002 with the permission of the family. But married life did not last long. It was not too long before their marriage ended. As the actor says about it, the break up with Ranjith was one of the most emotionally draining.

Priya Raman

Only with precision can you succeed in life. It all failed when I did things that were not clear and not clear. I took responsibility for everything that happened in my life. If I had lived to blame others, I would have laughed like that. ‘ ‘We parted after one hundred percent deliberation and all legal matters. There was no drama in it. There was a clear understanding of what was needed. It was a big challenge. I had to go through a lot of hardships mentally and emotionally. I cried a lot.

Priya Raman Images

When any relationship is broken or lost, you have to feel the pain. I was able to deal with that. I realized that there would be a lot of emotional conflicts. He remembered his children and God in those days. The support given by the parents to overcome those crises is great, ”said Priya Raman.

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