Watch Favorite Malayalam movies, with more clarity; Remastered versions on YouTube

Malayalam cinema has a lot of audience favorite films that cannot be seen on digital streaming platforms. Then the only reliance is on YouTube. If not, the DVD. Look for copies or something. This is the safest online sector for any reason in this COVID crisis phase.

Re-watching old movies are something that creates nostalgia. Often good quality versions of favorite movies are not available on YouTube and so on. Now the audience wants to see the HD of movies like Valyettan, Kakkakuyil, and Devadoothan. Versions have hit YouTube.


Behind this is a team that strives to bring the best viewing experience to the audience. Shree Movies, a Kollam-based film company led by Soman Pillai, is releasing remastered versions of these films under their brand new venture ‘Martini Now’. Below is a song that was remastered like this:

With the negatives of many old movies being lost and not getting good prints, the online Malayalees sitting in the lockdown have already welcomed Martini Now with open arms. The original negatives are scanned and the frames are restored to the viewer. The team led by Avanir Technology is led by Unais Adivat.

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