Want to work at Apple? There are opportunities in the UAE

American technology giant Apple is hiring employees for various positions in the UAE. Apple hires iPhone, MacBook and iPod makers to fill positions such as Store Manager, Operations Manager, Creative Executive, Technician and Business Development Manager. Currently, the UAE, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall, Abu Dhabi Yas Mall are three Apple Stores in the UAE. Details of those who want to go to companies in the UAE are available on the Apple website.

1) Specialist- This post is for technicians who are able to find quick solutions to problems related to products. Must have the desire and ability to learn new things. Must also have the ability to communicate easily with individuals and small groups.

2) Store Leader- The Store Leader needs the ability to manage the various teams associated with the Apple Store, the ability to train customer care executives, and the ability to build teams. Must have 10 years of work experience and good command of English

3) Genius- Applicants for this job are required to troubleshoot technical issues with Apple products, repair damaged products, and introduce team members to products.

4) Operations Expert- Must have the ability to manage teams, the ability to make quick decisions according to the situation and the ability to solve problems. He will also be responsible for handling all products in the Apple Store. He is also responsible for introducing new Apple products to the entire team.

5) Creative – They will play the role of instructor in the Apple Store. It will be responsible for teaching teams, helping with projects, training and providing needed guidance to Apple customers.

6) Manager- Must be able to mold and motivate good teams. Must have good leadership skills and five years of experience in the field. English proficiency is a must.

7) Market Leader – Must be able to do things for the business growth of the Apple Store. Degree or experience associated with it.

8) Senior Manager – Must manage one or more Apple stores. He is also responsible for leading the staff. The business needs to grow through better customer service. Five years experience in the field and proficiency in English is mandatory.

9) Technical Specialist – Buyers of Apple products should be provided with the necessary technical support. It should also be provided to customers who need training. Must have good communication skills.

These are the opportunities in the UAE.

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