Want to know what are the latest features that Apple has included in iOS 14

Apple has made iOS 14 ready, including a number of new features. With this, the customers will get better service. 

Apple has made iOS 14 ready, including a number of new features. With this, the customers will get better service. The iOS 14 was released by the company on September 16, i.e. yesterday. Let’s see what are the features,

ios 14 features
ios 14 features

1- App Library

You can configure the app on the home screen and use the app library very easily.

2- New Widgets customization option.
You can add customization to the home screen anywhere.

3- Compact calls.
The option that comes with a full call when calling has been completely changed and made very small.
So when we are using an app, the call will not be a hindrance.

4- When
we watch Picture-in-Picture video, we can use other apps without closing the played video. We can open everything.

5- Siri Improvements in New Animation.
When Siri is used, the fullscreen will be used for it.

6-Improved Messages app
Completely redesigned Message app

7- New Translator Application Included‌.

Group Message Options,
Message Pin.
You can mention the
In-Line Chat option in the group.

9- New emojis included

10- New emoji included.

11 – Appstore.
New Clips Invite And Follow Friends In Apps And App Store.

12- New wallpaper Dark Mode support included.

13-Update Version Safari
Privacy, translator, Speed, and improvement

14- Facetime Update
Let’s Minimize & Resize Face‌ Time Call.
Video call screen can be switched to any screen with Picture-in-Picture support.

15- Emoji Search‌ Option Improved Dictation on Keyboard.

16- New animation icon for Siri.
More Fast‌ & Improvement‌.

17- Siri Search Results New UI.


18- Notes The search option has been further improved with new changes.

19- Maps
updated with more features, Not all features are currently available in all countries.
The new suggest station has added a
new cycling direction.

20- The reminder app has been updated.
New smart‌ suggestions and assignments are included‌.

21- Music App has been updated‌.
Newly listen now option.

22- Camera and Exposure control has been
further improved‌.

23- The weather app has been updated with the latest changes.

24- New VoiceOver option has been added‌.

25-Audio Visual
New Headphone accommodations.

26- Privacy improvement

27- New Option in Privacy Settings-> Privacy-> Tracking

28- When using any app Camera & Microphone, you will see a warning light on the top right.

29-Files APSF Drive encryption Support.

30- Siri is a completely redesigned new animation.
The answers to the questions will be answered on the same screen on which screen Siri is used and below.

31 –
The home screen page will automatically switch to the new App Library on the home screen itself.

32- New emoji search option on the keyboard.

33- Redesigned Message App

34- Markup (Photo Edit)
‌ The photo Markup option has more options for editing ‌ You can also type text.

35-Confirmation can now be done using the assistive touch when downloading & paying from the Appstore.

36- New option to hide a photo.
Settings-> Photos-> Hidden Albums

37- Firmware has been updated.
Problems with the network will be resolved and further improvements will be made.

38- New Privacy option in Photos.
Now you can give permission to the apps by selecting ‌ Photos Permission and then selecting Photos.

39- You can send an audio message with Siri.

40- Photos can be captioned.
That way you can easily find photos by searching for photos.

41- New Private address option in WiFi settings.

42- New Video Format Control option on the camera.

43- The default browser can be set to Google Chrome.

In addition, Apple iOS 14 includes a number of changes, both large and small.

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