Walking Thirty Years Behind Priyadarshan, Siddique Is Giving Him A Role

Priyadarshan is a director who has a great affinity for Malayalam cinema. He has given a handful of good films to the audience over the years. It was a big dream of all Malayalam actresses and actresses to do movies with Priyadarshan, actor Siddique is now talking about such a big desire. In an interview given to the Cannes media channel, Siddique said some things while talking with director Priyadarshan. Siddique says that he will be given a role after thirty years behind Priyadarshan I met Priyadarshan when I was dubbing the movie Janmantaram.

He came into the studio while I was dubbing. We have been dreaming of a role in his movie after watching Boing Boing. Thambi asked Kannanthanam if he could introduce me to Priyadarshan. He asked me what it was and introduced me. ‘Dear, this is the new guy in our film. You can do it. You should use him too’, Thambi said. But Priyadarshan didn’t even look at my face and said yes. We saw each other many times. Later Mohanlal spoke when he was celebrating his 25th anniversary in the cinema. Priyadarshan said that you are the only one who did not come to me with a complaint saying that he did not give me a role.