Walayar torture case; Damn protest

Walayar Case Protest
Walayar Case Protest

The district Dalit group and various people’s organizations held demonstrations and meetings in the city demanding
a re-investigation into the death of Dalit girls in Kannur. Inaugurated by Dr. D. Surendranath. Vinod Payyada
presided over the function. K Sasidharan, Kasturi Devan, Utthaman Sreekandapuram, Pallipram Prasanan, Rajesh
Koralai, Devadas Talap, Kunchambu Kalyassery, Mary Abraham, PT Bhaskaran, and C. Sasi spoke on the occasion.

‘CBI should investigate’

Vasanth Palliyam Moola, district president of the Bharatiya Dalit Congress, has called for a CBI probe into the murder of girls in Valayar. Vasanth Palliyam Moola alleged that Dalits continue to be denied justice in Kerala as
perpetrators walk the streets free due to lack of investigation. Single play in protest Film and theater actor Santhosh Kizhatoor protests against the incident. From the railway station to the old bus stand, the protests were staged in the streets. The demand for a re-investigation in the case and the resignation of the CBI was raised. As the locals rallied, the one-man drama turned into a nationwide protest. Santhosh took to the streets in Kozhikode when the mob beat him to death at Attappady. The protest was held in Kozhikode city.

K Sudhakaran MP condemns corruption in Govt KPCC Working President K Sudhakaran MP said that the distorted face of the Pinarayi government was once again revealed by the acquittal of the accused in the case of the sisters who died under mysterious circumstances.

In the Pinarayi regime of the police, the hunters get protection and the victims get death. Sudhakaran demanded
that the government prepare for a CBI probe and investigate the failure of the official system under the supervision
of a sitting high court judge.