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‘Villain on screen, superhero of life’; Sonu Sood takes Rs 10 crore loan to help poor

Villain on screen, superhero of life

Despite being a villain in the movie, Sonu Sood is a super hero in life. During the lockdown, Sonu was in the news for bringing home those trapped and delivering essentials. Now, another piece of news related to Sonu is touching the hearts of the fans. According to reports, he has invested Rs 10 crore in eight of his buildings in Mumbai to raise money to help the poor.

According to reports, Sonu Bank has mortgaged two shops and six flats in Juhu. The contract was signed in September and registered on November 24, according to reports. According to reports, the registration fee is Rs 5 lakh. We’ve seen heroes in women who say they borrow and help, but here’s a villain who has made it a reality.

It was great news that Sonu brought home those who could not get home during the lockdown. He prepared several buses for this. PPE kits were also distributed. In August, Sonu said he had received 1137 emails, 190,000 Facebook messages, 4,812 Instagram messages and 6,741 Twitter messages asking for help. At the same time, Sonu Sood has garnered numerous accolades through his Kovid-era activities. Sonu Soodu has been honored by the United Nations with the SDG Special Humanitarian Action Award.

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