Vikram Gokhale agrees with Kangana Ranaut’s statement on India’s freedom

Kangana Ranaut hit features when she remarked that India’s opportunity in 1947 was ‘bheek’ (aid) and that the nation got a genuine opportunity in 2014, alluding to the BJP-drove government. The entertainer has now found help from veteran entertainer Vikram Gokhale. Kangana Ranaut receiving award
Concurring with Kangana’s assertions, he said at an occasion, “I agree with Ranaut’s statement. We were given freedom. Many people were just mute spectators when freedom fighters were hanged (during the British Raj). These mute spectators included many senior leaders. They didn’t save the freedom fighters who were fighting against the British.”
Beforehand, artist Vishal Dadlani had pummeled the entertainer for her remarks. He had posted a selfie wearing a T-Shirt with Bhagat Singh’s picture on it and wrote, “Remind the lady who said our Independence was ‘bheekh’. The man on my t-shirt is Shaheed Sardar Bhagat Singh, atheist, poet-philosopher, Freedom Fighter, son of India, and son of a Farmer. He gave his life for our freedom, for India’s Independence at age 23, and went to the gallows with a smile and a song on his lips.”