Vikram and Suriya were approached before Prithviraj Sukumaran for Aadujeevitham movie; Blessy

Prithviraj has lost 31 kgs to play the role of Najeeb. It took seven months. But the fact is that Blessy did not approach Prithviraj to become Najeeb first. Blessy first approached Tamil actors Vikram and Suriya. But when they could not do it, the role of Najeeb came into the hands of Prithviraj. .Recently, Blessy spoke about why Surya and Vikram left the Aadujeevitham. Blessy first told the story of the goat’s life to Vikram. “Vikram had that big plan to make the goat live. But I couldn’t do it because of the schedule. At that time, Vikram had postponed a big schedule for Shankar’s film. That’s why I couldn’t live, “he said. He was talking to a Tamil channel on YouTube. He also told the story to tamil actor Suriya. He said a lot of preparation was needed. But Suriya wasn’t able to make many physical changes at that time. Suriya made a film by making physical changes in a similar way.

The director also said that Prithviraj did so many things in his body. Prithviraj’s body transformation to play the role of Najeeb was widely discussed. He first gained weight and then lost it for the sake of the character. There is a scene in the film where Prithvi’s body transformation is completely revealed. After the release of the film, the audience is talking a lot about it. Sunil K is the director of photography. This had gone viral. After three days of starvation, without even drinking water from noon, after consuming 30 ml of vodka at night, Prithviraj arrived for the shooting the next afternoon. Says S. There’s a time for every shot. Just take a shot at that moment. When you drink vodka, the entire body is dehydrated. For the shot, Prithviraj will be brought in the chair and the shot will be taken and returned. After the shot, Prithvi needed someone’s help to get up. Sunil KS. said that Prithviraj was so dry. Aamir Khan and Vikram have undergone major physical changes for their roles in the Indian film industry. Prithviraj is one among them. Aadujeevitham is a landmark film in the history of Malayalam cinema. Prithviraj’s performance in the film was well-received. Aadujeevitham is the fastest Malayalam film to enter the Rs 50 crore club. The film collected Rs 50 crore on Day 3 of its release. Blessy recently revealed that the budget of the film is Rs 82 crore. Along with Prithviraj, Hollywood Arab actors also acted in the film.