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Vijay with new happiness!

vijay new happiness
vijay new happiness

Vijay is a star with millions of fans. The actor has already acted in several films. Having been in the film industry for years, the actor has contributed a handful of good films to Tamil cinema. Most of the heroines in South India today want to act as the heroine of the winner. Apart from Tamil Nadu, Vijay has millions of fans in Kerala as well. Every Vijay film earns crores from Kerala. That is the proof of the love of the Malayalees for the winner. Many fan pages and groups are run by Malayalees themselves as Vijay’s. Now Vijay is sharing his new happiness with the fans.


Vijay is going to make his Telugu debut. Fans thought that the star’s 66th film was in Tamil. But now the news is that the film is not in Tamil but in Telugu. Vijay’s movie has changed its language and is now available in Malayalam and Telugu. But for the first time, the actor is preparing to act directly in Telugu. The film is directed by National Award winner Vamsi Paidipally. The film is produced by Dil Raj. This is Vijay’s first Telugu film. The name of the film and other details have not been released yet. Fans are also hoping that more about the film will come out on O + in the coming days.

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