Vidyut Jammwal’s Sanak movie reviews


If your concept of living it up at the films is Vidyut Jammwal utilizing his muscles and breaking bones, then, at that point, you’re in for a favored treat at the motion pictures this week. However, it’s smarter to partake in the long end-of-the-week gorging on a web series. Sanak is stacked with activity however is total without viewpoint.


Director:Kanishk Varma

Movie name: Sanak

Cast:Vidyut Jammwal, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Rukmini Maitra, Neha Dhupia

Vivaan (Vidyut Jammwal) is treating his feeble spouse Anshika (Rukmini Maitra) at a recuperating clinic from a dangerous medical procedure. The clinic turns into the objective of a couple of fear mongers, lead by Saju Solanki (Chandan Roy Sanyal), a plan to save an individual criminal Ajay Pal Singh (Kiran Karmarkar) from the reason.

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A prisoner dramatization set against the setting of a medical clinic, the plot was truly interesting and had all the possibility to keep the crowd locked in. Be that as it may, it’s the terrible screenplay, skinny plot, and helpless composing that makes Sanak another hackneyed activity film.

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The setting of the clinic permits action director Andy Long Nguyen alongside Vidyut to concoct some one-of-a-kind activity successions which incorporate an MRI machine and a Swiss ball. The 117-minute film has just a single tune, which works for the producers. The activity arrangement is the greatest USP of the film. They are thoroughly persuading and one can process the way that one man can kill such countless miscreants.

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It is hard to pull for the characters even as the entertainers gave a nice presentation. Vidyut’s reverse flips might make you cheer and his tricks have improved over the year. Yet that’s the long and short of it. He gives a valiant effort to deliver the fury of an energetic darling however unmistakably he sentiments activity more than Rukmini Maitra, the Bengali entertainer making her Hindi presentation and is sincere in the film.

Vidyut is in excellent condition, do full equity to the current task. Chandan as a psychological oppressor is threatening and makes a fine showing. Neha Dhupia who assumes the part of the cop accountable for the circumstance scarcely gets anything to do.


This is in no way, shape, or forms an awful film yet the actioner, that endeavors to discover support in a frayed story, is a long way from riveting. Sanak sprouts just during the battles yet when the clock ticks towards the peak, you are depleted. What amount would you be able to hoot for broken necks and squashed bones?

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In Conclusion, you could take a stab at discovering thrill in Vidyut’s kicks however the film has nothing more to bring to the table.