Venky Mama Movie Review

Victory Venkatesh and young Samrat are the heroes of the emotional family drama Venky uncle. The teaser and trailer already released have boosted those expectations. Directed by Bobby (Keys Ravindra), the film stars Paikal Rajput and Nagachithanya opposite Venkatesh. The film was jointly produced by Suresh Productions and People Media Factory. The real craze in the film was the real-life mama’s son-in-law acting as the mama’s son in reel. Did Venky’s uncle meet those expectations …?

Venky Mama Review
Venky Mama Review

Venkataratnam Naidu (Venkatesh), his father-in-law, who is not my father, is more than life. If he gets married, the next girl will not get married because he does not care for her boyfriend. Son-in-law Kartik Sivaram (Naga Chaitanya) also lives in the world. If he got a job in London, his uncle didn’t want to go away or quit his job. At the same time, Karthik falls in love with Venkataratnam and classmate Harika (Rashi Khanna), with his hometown Hindi teacher Vennela (Payal Rajput). When everything is happy, Karthik and Venkataratnam break up. What is the cause of the breakup of Mama’s son-in-law who is in love with each other? Why did Kartik join forces with his uncle in Godavari districts? How did Mama’s son-in-law meet again? That’s the rest of the story.

Real Life Mama’s son-in-law Venky and Chaitullu also starred in Reel Life. It must be said that the two live in their roles. In particular, the combination of the two seems to be superb. Venkatesh hooked audiences with his comedy timing and emotional acting. Venky struggled to match the level of acting, but fell into his role. Heroines Paayal Rajput and Zodiac Khanna compete with each other on glamor. There is a great lack of performance, but it does not matter. In other roles, Nasser, Prakash Raj, Rao Ramesh, Dasari Arun, Hyper Adi and Vidyalendra Raman are impressed.

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Venky Mama Rating
Venky Mama Rating

Not long after, director Bobby came to the audience with a perfect emotional family entertainer. Pucca has set all the elements that a commercial entertainer needs. First Half Comedy, Love Scenes with Fun. Double meanings are heard in some of the dialogues in the commercial format. The director is very good about the atmosphere, the romance and politics of the countryside. In the first half, the director made fun of the second half. The aftermath of Mama’s bumps away and the subsequent consequences of the pre-climax and climax episodes with the audience. However, the second half is slightly reduced compared to the first half. The Army-themed scenes, in particular, have a lack of logic and trouble with prolongation.venky mama

When it comes to the technical genre, Taman is more impressed with the background music than the songs before the film’s release. The background score is impressive in the action and emotional scenes in the second half, along with the first half love and comedy scenes. Another major plus point for the film is Prasad Moorella. In the climax scenes filmed in the Army Attack and Kashmir along with the village scenes, the cameramen find the screen difficult. There is still a lot of focus on editing. Too many scenes can cause you to feel stretched. Being a family multi-starrer, Suresh Babu made the film rich with no hesitation.

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