Vellam movie review, a testimony for the mesmerising talent of Jayasurya


‘Njanentha cheyyande, nirthan pattande?’ Murali asks impotently once his mother curses him for the shame he has dropped at the family once a tussle at a family perform. His alcohol use disorder affects not simply him, however his family and everybody associated with him. he’s essentially an honest person and an honest benefactor, however everything he will finally ends up badly thanks to his unhealthy alcohol use.
The Prajeesh subunit directorial, set in Kannur, explores substance use struggles and also the method of recovery in an exceedingly realistic manner.

The story, supported the lifetime of one in all the producers of the film, with success makes the audience connect with and sympathise with its stunning narration, impeccable acting, glorious photography and music. The director additionally convincingly appearance at each side of the coin. At one purpose, Murali’s friend tells him that alcohol consumption is not dangerous, however inside limits. the foremost vital side that desires a mention is that the film is devoted to eliminating the stigma associated with drug abuse and people UN agency have recovered from it.

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The survival drama revolves around Murali, enacted by Jayasurya. As usual, his effort to play the character to the letter is clear, and is maybe one in all his best roles. In one scene, Murali licks a drop of bear away the floor; there square measure many such sequences to point out the severity of what the character goes through, and leaves viewers mesmerised by the actor’s calibre. His small expressions, visual communication and even his physical look – with dirt in his nails – is ideal.

Vellam Movie Review

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Samyuktha Menon UN agency plays his married woman, the doctor contend by Sidhique and also the actors UN agency enacted his friends and family, appear to feature to the actor’s performance.As the moving picture involves Associate in Nursing finish, the message of the healing power of affection comes powerfully through. The film is modern and relevant, as we tend to saw what number in Kerala struggled – together with many folks golf shot Associate in Nursing finish to their lives – once bars were closed throughout the internment. The film may be thought of as a watch opener for Malayalis, each {those UN agency|those that|people who} square measure plagued by alcohol use disorder and also the others around them who struggle thanks to the abuse.