Varun Tej starrer ‘Ghani’ movie review and rating



Vikramaditya wins the 2004 Andhra Pradesh State Boxing Championship. In public titles, the coordinators suspend him from the game because of claims of steroid use against him. Vikramaditya’s son Ghani needs to turn into a Boxer to make a statement to the general public. Ghani’s mom needs Ghani not to participate in Boxing yet he rehearses without her insight and becomes area champion. Vijendra Sinha ( Suneil Shetty) whose once a rival to Ghani’s dad uncovers the true incident from an earlier time. The rest of the story is the way Ghani and Vijendra Sinha get back at the wagering partner boss.

  • Name: Ghani
  • Cast: Varun Tej, Saiee Manjrekar and others
  • Directors: Kiran Korrapati
  • Duration: 150 minutes

Ghani attempts to be not the same as common sports films by adding family dramatization into it. This film additionally attempts to be contemporary by covering wagering danger in Indian games. Ghani has love, retribution; messages arranged across the board and could do just halfway equity to each string. The movie gets going with 2004 flashback episodes covering Vikramaditya’s (Ghani’s dad’s) glimpse. Ghani’s rise as boxing champion, his brief love thread with Maya ( Saiee Manjrekar ), and a twist at interval make the first half.

Ghani Trailer

There isn’t any captivating component in a dull first half. The content gets better in the second part as Suneil Shetty, Jagapati babu and Upendra enter the film. The writer-director Kiran Korrapati has concocted an adequately good story to turn into a hit film, however, the last result isn’t past normal. Hanuman Ravuri has given story backing and dialogue help. The actress plays an excellent role in the Ghani film. Debutant production house Renaissance Pictures and Allu Bobby Company have spent sufficiently to bring specialty shift focus over to the film. Nonetheless, there is additionally miscasting like Naresh as a boxing trainer. S.S. Thaman’s music isn’t useful much to the film

Overall conclusion: ‘Ghani’ is a normal film, best case scenario. The last part of the film has been moderately better composed and drawn in, yet the main half was ok. This sports dramatization manages IBL’s wagering partner, A Victim’s family’s battle, the unfairness of sports, and so forth. In general, Ghani film has a few decent components however may not be to the point of pulling off.

Rating: 2.5/5