Vaccine certificate will be linked to passport from Cowin app itself, know how?


The second wave of Corona created a furore in India, but now once again the cases of infection have started decreasing. In such a situation, many people are preparing for a holiday abroad. But in view of the circumstances, now it is mandatory to show your vaccine certificate while traveling abroad, so here we are telling you how to link your passport with the Kovid vaccine certificate.

The entire process has been explained in detail on Arogya Setu’s Twitter regarding this. It has been told that now through the CoWIN app, you will be able to do this work easily.


For this, first login to the CoWIN app

Then select the option ‘Raise a Issue’

Select the Passport option and fill in your details.

– Then select ‘Person’ from the drop down menu 

Now submit your passport number and fill the requested information 

After doing this you will get your new covid certificate with passport link. Download it.

Significantly, in the guidelines issued by the Center, it has been made clear that now if any person wants to go abroad for studies, travel or jobs, then it will be mandatory for them to link the Kovid certificate with the passport number.