Uric acid is dangerous, and natural ways to reduce it


An increase in uric acid in the body is a problem for many people. Its normal range is up to 7.2, but even beyond 6, it’s dangerous. It is common for people to trivialize the increase in uric acid, thinking that it is just water and pain in the joints or legs. But the increase in uric acid in the body is not something to be taken lightly. Increasing this is not good for heart health and kidney health at all. This causes blockage in the blood vessels.

Common uric acid problems are associated with diet. Properly moving the muscles will help reduce uric acid. That means it is more likely to come to those who are just sitting around. Like this, if the body has too much glucose, it is more likely to increase uric acid. Like this, a high-calorie diet is also a problem. There are many people who avoid high-fat foods like meat. But not only this, rice, wheat and potatoes are among the foods that need to be controlled.

What is the relationship between uric acid and rice and wheat? Of course, there is. This is because the carbohydrates in the grains cause problems. Excess uric acid can also cause liver problems. Cholesterol levels are just as important as this. These are all interrelated. Glucose is the most harmful. Sugar has more glucose. Rice, wheat and potatoes are high in glucose. Less common in meat, eggs, fish, leafy greens and vegetables. Therefore, if uric acid is increased, the above-mentioned foods should be reduced.

If you want to reduce uric acid

If you want to reduce uric acid, you must reduce your glucose and high-calorie foods. Otherwise, it does not matter what other precautions are taken following this habit. As such, the weight is proportional to the height of the body. Weight gain can be a problem. Increased uric acid can damage many organs in the body. It can cause many types of strokes. Therefore, it is important to recognize that uric acid is one of the most common causes of foot pain.


In addition to the above, it is important to drink plenty of water. An increase in uric acid can lead to an increase in blood acid. Water is one of the things that helps. Apple cider vinegar mixed with water is good for reducing uric acid. Cherry is good. Its anthocyanins provide this benefit. Bananas like this are good. Pera is another food for this. Chop beetroot, carrots and cucumber and add a little olive oil. The omega-three fatty acids in olive oil are very good. Cereals like this can be eaten without bran. Papaya is good. Especially green. When making green tea, it is better to put green papaya in it and drink it boiled. Green, the combo is good for the name. A good exercise is also beneficial.