UPSESSB TGT PGT Recruitment 2020: UP TGT PGT Recruitment to extend application date for biologists

UPSESSB TGT PGT Recruitment 2020
UPSESSB TGT PGT Recruitment 2020

The preparation of the advertisement has been expedited by the Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Selection Board by including TGT biology within ten days. Selection Board Deputy Secretary Naval Kishore has assured the members of the Competitive Students Front in this regard. After the release of the revised advertisement, biology students will be given a chance to apply and the application date will be extended.

Members of the Competitive Students Front reached the Selection Board on Thursday to know the decision of the Selection Board meeting held on 10 November. During this time, Deputy Secretary of Selection Board Nawal Kishore said that after the inclusion of TGT biology posts in the current teacher recruitment, the application date will be extended. He told that TGT, Spokesman Exam 2020 examination will be conducted by April, the selection board claims that the appointment will be given after the exam by 21 July. Those who spoke to the Deputy Secretary included Vicky Khan, Anand Yadav, Ramesh Kumar, Manish Yadav, Jitendra Yadav, and Abhay Singh.

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On the other hand, the Deputy Secretary informed that a two-member committee has been formed to conduct a TGT Biology 2016 examination. The committee will announce the exam date soon. The exam can be held in January, February. The result of the TGT biology 2011 exam will be declared by December. The interviewees of the TGT, the spokesperson’s missed examinations will be interviewed on 29 November.