Uppum Mulakum serial rating dropped due to this reason

Uppum Mulakum is a popular series that airs on the Flowers channel. The series has a huge following among the audience. The series has been on the hit charts for the past four years. With Lachu’s withdrawal in the series, the ratings dropped slightly. The series, which started after the lockdown, did not even have the audience’s favorite parrot.

Then the new stars came in between theUppum Mulakum. Pooja is the new guest of Uppum Mulakum. Pooja will be played by Ashwati Nair. Ashwathy came to the show for Uppum Mulakum while presenting a music show on Surya TV. But there are different opinions regarding the arrival of pooja. One section says that Pooja’s character is progressing well. But another section says that Pooja’s acting is not enough. They also say that with the advent of pooja, the interest in watching the show has decreased.

uppum mulakum

Now a fan post about Pooja’s performance is going viral on the fan page. ”Uppum Mulakum is an audience that constantly watches the serial. Balu, Neelu, Keshu, Shivani, Mudiyan. With the ability to act as if there is no script, the Uppum Mulakum that shook the Malayalam world is being written only because it feels like going down in the name of an actor today.

Pooja is a good actor and there is no doubt about it, but it often seems that over-acting is on the rise in acting and dialogue delivery. It felt like a character who could not fit into that family. The child has nothing to do with the hair and feels good as he gets older. The other 5 people seemed to have changed at the level of Pooja, probably because they could not keep up with the others in the episodes since Pooja came. Pooja Jayaram will be able to shine in Star Magic as a viewer for the Flowers channel for that kid whose rating has plummeted.

uppum mulakum

The sincerity of calling all 5 children ‘Amma Achcha’ will never come from Pooja. That call itself felt like a thousand kilometers away. All we need is old-fashioned Uppum Mulakum I hope that the Uppum Mulakum will come back to the taste of the audience. ” This was the note of worship. The post has already gone viral. Many agreed with him.