Uorfi Javed revealed that she has been receiving threats


Uorfi Javed, an actress and social media influencer, is a hot topic of conversation among fans and paparazzi alike thanks to her unique sense of style. But during the past few weeks, the influencer has been in the news for a very different reason. Numerous threats were made against Uorfi, which she publicized online through Instagram postings and screenshots of WhatsApp chats. The actress said that an imprisoned man named Obed Afridi attempted to have “video sex” with her.

Uorfi recently disclosed that she has just been receiving threats once more. The actress revealed that one evening she received a video call attempt. When she declined the call, the caller forwarded her a YouTube video of mobster and sharpshooter Tillu Tajpuria as a threat.

“I’ll not be terrified of anyone,” Uorfi stated alongside the screenshots of the dialogue that she published on her Instagram story. In a previous post on her Instagram account, Uorfi detailed how Obed had obtained an altered image of the actress and had since begun blackmailing her. Obed Afridi was detained by the Mumbai Police after the post went viral. The Mumbai Police was praised by Uorfi, who added, “Good news! This guy who molested me is finally in jail. Thank you very much Mumbai Police.”

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