Unstoppable Rains And Yellow Alert In Idukki

As the monsoon season intensifies, the state is witnessing relentless rains, with Idukki district now under a Yellow Alert. The Meteorological Department has warned of low-pressure areas forming, indicating that the rains are far from over. A Yellow Alert is a warning issued by the Meteorological Department to indicate potentially hazardous weather conditions. Residents are advised to stay alert and take necessary precautions. The alert is particularly significant for Idukki, a region already prone to landslides and flooding.

The formation of a low-pressure area over the region is expected to bring more rains, exacerbating the already precarious situation. “We are closely monitoring the weather patterns and are prepared for any emergency,” said, Director of the State’s Disaster Management Authority. Residents are advised to avoid travel unless absolutely necessary and to stay updated on weather forecasts. Emergency services are on high alert, and relief camps are being set up for those affected by the rains and potential flooding. The continuous rains are also expected to have a significant impact on agriculture and local businesses. The government is preparing contingency plans to mitigate the economic fallout.