Unni Mukundan’s “Malikapuram” trailer is trending online


Unni Mukundan, a popular actor in Mollywood, has signed up for many films in a row. On the plus side, most of these films are doing well with families. Following the release of “Shefeekkinte Santhosham,” Unni Mukundan is preparing to star in “Malikapuram,” his upcoming film.

The trailer for “Malikapuram,” which was recently released by the producers, is currently dominating social media. A feel-good movie with plenty of emotion and action is promised in the teaser. Unni Mukundan’s excellent on-screen persona might be the film’s main draw.


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An eight-year-old girl’s adoration for Lord Ayyappa, who is metaphorically represented by Unni Mukundan, is the subject of Malikapuram (as seen in the trailer). Overall, there are a lot of high expectations for Unni Mukundan’s film, and the Mollywood hottie is expected to deliver another smash like “Meppadiyan” and “Shefeekkinte Santhosham.”

The script for “Malikapuram,” directed by Vishnu Sasi Shankar, was written by Abhilash Pillai. Vishnu Narayanan is hired as the cameraman, and Shameer Muhammad is in charge of the editing department. The Unni Mukundan starrer’s music is composed by Ranjin Raj, and Stunt Silva is responsible for choreographing the action sequences.

Other notable actors who appear in “Malikapuram” alongside Unni Mukundan include Manoj K Jayan, Saiju Kurup, Ramesh Pisharodi, Ajay Vasudev, Arun Maman, Kalabhavan Jinto, and a number of others. On the other side, Shefeekkinte Santhosham, a recent family drama film from Unni Mukundan, is doing well at the box office. Bala, Manoj K Jayan, and Athmeeya Rajan all play prominent roles in the movie.