Unni Mukundan’s Malikappuram received praise from K. Surendran


K. Surendran is the state president of the BJP. Surendran praised the Malikappuram film starring Unni Mukundan. K. Surendran said in a Facebook post that he felt like he had gone to Sabarimala and returned from Ayyappaswamy’s temple before watching the movie, and Unni Mukundan was singing in the second half.

Look at K. Surendran’s note beneath

‘I saw Malikpuram. The feeling of going to Sabarimala and returning from worshiping Ayyappaswamy. A beautiful film that will make any Ayyappa devotee fill his eyes, clap his hands, and take refuge. All those who have been to Sabarimala have a presence of Swami that they feel somewhere along their journey. That is what we can see through Malikappuram.

The highlight of this film is the dialogue in the movie “Bhaktan kede Ishwaran Manna Roopatham”. An eight-year-old girl’s devotion to Ayyappa through her grandmother and her longing to meet her Swami. The director has managed to present the risk that she takes for that very well.

Unni Mukundan is on a roll in the second half. The fight scene in the forest and the background music brings us to the peak of excitement. Like the climax scene in Kantara, Unni’s fight scenes are brilliant. Another thing worth mentioning is the children’s acting. Kallu Malikappuram and Unni Swamy gave a performance that won the hearts of the audience. Saiju Kurupam and Ramesh Pisharadi have done their roles beautifully. There is no doubt that Malayalis all over the world will cherish this film.’-

Story of the film

An eight-year-old Kalyani never gets to complete her wish of visiting Sabarimala. But after a personal tragedy, she finally decides to go ahead in the company of her classmate Unni. What happens next is the story?