Udayanidhi Stalin Reacts To Amit Shah’s Prioritization Of Hindi Over Regional Languages

Tamil Nadu Minister and DMK leader, Udayanidhi Stalin, recently voiced strong criticism against Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s language policies. Stalin condemned Shah’s attempts to impose Hindi on states, emphasizing the impracticality of claiming that a language spoken in fewer than five states can effectively unite a diverse nation like India.

Stalin pointed out the importance of regional languages like Tamil in Tamil Nadu and Malayalam in Kerala, highlighting that unity and empowerment come from respecting and promoting the linguistic diversity present in each state. He urged Amit Shah to cease downplaying languages other than Hindi by relegating them to the status of regional languages.Responding to Amit Shah’s assertion that Hindi unites the people and empowers regional languages, Stalin rebuked this stance as a veiled way of promoting Hindi at the expense of others. He expressed that this approach implied that proficiency in Hindi was necessary for progress, characterizing it as an inadequate approach to promoting linguistic harmony and national unity.