Twitter removes Kangana Ranaut’s tweets; For violating the rules

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut’s tweets have been removed from Twitter. The tweets, which contained controversial references to the farmers’ strike, were removed. The action is for violating Twitter’s rules.

Pop singer Rihanna has come out in support of the agitating farmers and criticized the central government. The Kangana Ranaut star, who criticized Rihanna in harsh language, was ridiculed as a ‘fool’ and a ‘dummy’. Kangana Ranaut’s response on Twitter was that it was not the farmers but the militants who were trying to divide the country and that was why no one was talking about it. Kangana Ranaut has hit out at Bollywood actor and singer Diljit Dosanjh for thanking Rihanna for bringing the farmers’ struggle to the world’s attention. Kangana Ranaut claimed that Diljit Dosanj was a Khalistani.


Kangana Ranaut’s tweets against Diljit, protesting farmers, and Rihanna came from her account only yesterday. The tweets were removed after several people reported against them. Last month, Kangana’s account was blocked for a few hours.