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Trying to find a name for  baby; forward  Comments: Shreya

Singer Shreya Ghoshal is getting ready to sing that song.  The singer said she was trying to find the baby’s name and could put forward comments.

Shreya Ghoshal said she was expecting a lot of free time during her pregnancy but was still busy.

‘I thought I would get a lot of free time during pregnancy. But I’m still busy with my work. I can not even believe how fast each day passes. But I enjoy this rush a lot. Everyone at home is waiting for the baby to arrive. All this time they pay great attention to me.

My parents caress and cuddle me a lot. They are eagerly waiting for the moment to become grandparents. She lovingly treats all my cravings and cravings during pregnancy. My parents-in-law also take good care of me. My brother also cares a lot about me.

Everyone in the house is happy. My pet dog Sherlock also keeps a close eye on what is going on around him. He must have realized that a baby was about to arrive home. We can see his own curiosity in him too, ‘said Shreya Ghoshal.

Shreya Ghoshal had opened her mind about her husband Shailaditya the other day. Shreya revealed that he is always with her and takes care of her health and needs. A week ago, Shreya Ghoshal and her husband informed the fans that they were waiting for the first eye. Shreya and Shailaditya got married in 2015.

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